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The surface is a scratch-resistant extra opaque thermoplastic sheet.
It can be used for surfaces, profile coating and edges.

  • Optimal Micro-scratch value compared to similar products
  • Solid colours, pearlescent or metallic extra matt with high resistance
  • Material: ABS + PMMA
  • Thickness: from 0.4 to 1.2 mm
  • Height: 1300 mm
  • Gloss: 3
  • Supplied with protective film + Corona treatment
  • Coils (from 150 to 500 ml) or Sheets (up to 4200 mm)
  • Minimum lot in relation to thickness (e.g. thickness 1mm 1500 m2)

HR Technology



5570 Cashmere

Harmony and elegance coexist in a surface, which reminds a sand tone.

5760 Antique Gold Sparkling

A gold that evokes an archaeoligical tone, a refined and niche surface.

5761 Rame Copper Sparkling

“Copper” shades give back that precious sense in a less invasive and engaging manner.
A mood for the interior design.

5762 Bronze Aluminium Sparkling

The soil shows itself in zero,matt mode with its bronze pigment, a blend of colours made of dark brown and orange, taking us back to the “origin”.

5763 Green Brass Sparkling

The freshness of the wood in the interior design, a symbiosis between lightness and nature.

6012 Antracite

Neutrality figures its own way to express itself on a tangible grey in all trends.

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