The Melamine Faced chipboard is a 100% recycled chipboard panel covered, on one side or on both sides, with decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin illustrating a Plain Color, Wood or Print of various kinds, many of which produced thanks the Trendcor GMBH laboratory, a 100% Saviola company specialized in the creation of decorative elements for the furniture industry. During the production process it is possible to add particular textures to the panel surface, some of which coincide with the decorative design (E.I.R.), with the aim of obtaining a product suitable for improving any interior design setting.



  • H 1.860mm x L 3760, 4250, 5300, 5600mm;
  • H 2.120mm x L 3760, 4250, 5300, 5600mm;
  • Thickness from 8 to 40mm



  • Fantasia
  • Legno
  • Marmo
  • Ossido

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