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Delta Transport



With about 100 owned vehicles, the Group's transport and logistics company operates an efficient and widespread collection of used wood every day throughout the country.

A "home" collection service

Saviola Group manages to collect and transform up to 1.5 million tons of post-consumer wood per year, thanks to the logistics organization, which optimizes the delivery of finished products throughout the national territory, with the collection and pick up of used wood, directly from collection centers and production points, up to the support of municipal companies in the management of micro-collection at the recycling areas.

The provided services also include the direct collection of materials from companies, by means of equipped trucks or the storage of containers, with a substantial reduction in disposal costs.
At the environmental level, Delta Transport complies with the new emissions regulations, relying on a fleet of EURO 6 vehicles. Thanks to innovative logistics optimization software, it avoids waste and minimizes the impact in environmental terms.


  • Used wood collection using specifically designed equipment
  • Authorization to transport waste
  • Authorization to transport chemicals
  • Transport service for third parties


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