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The Saviola Group company specialized in the production of thin faced panels and furniture elements.

Three production units equipped with cutting-edge systems and technologies to guarantee the quality of the service and product, high production capacity, flexibility and competitiveness. Qualified human resources, ISO 9001:2000 certified quality, organized investment plans and human technical development: these are the essential elements of Sitapan.

The faced panels department (plant of Premaor, TV, and Montelabbate, PU) is specialized in the continuous application of finish, ppl, pvc and laminated paper on thin chipboard, MDF and fiber panels. Backrests, drawer bottoms, indoor and security doors paneling, honeycombs and partition panels are some of the uses.

The furniture elements unit (plant of Refrontolo, TV) specializes in the production of semi-finished products and elements for the furniture industry, such as sides, bottoms, tops, shelves, partitions etc. made according to customer design. Sectioning, squaring and edging operations are carried out with the application of melamine, PVC and ABS edges up to a thickness of 3 mm. Elements supplied in bars or completely finished with drilling and pinning.



Faced with Finish Paper

  • Panel Faced with Finish Paper (SITAFINISHPAN)
  • MDF faced with Finish Paper (SITAFINISHPAN)
  • Fiber Panel faced with Finish Paper (SITAFINISHPAN)

Faced with CPL Laminate

  • Chipboard Panel Faced with CPL Laminate (SITALAMINPAN)
  • MDF faced with CPL Laminate (SITALAMINPAN)
  • Chipboard Panel faced with CPL Laminate (SITAPLAC)
  • MDF Panel faced with CPL Laminate (SITAPLAC)


Faced with PVC

  • Chipboard Panel faced with PVC (SITAPVCPAN)
  • Fiber Panel faced with PVC (SITAPVCPAN)
  • MDF Panel faced with PVC (SITAPVCPAN)
  • Faced Sitafold


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