A virtual tour in the heart
of Saviola Universe

An experience to be lived Try it!

What is Saviolab?

Saviolab is our digital showroom, which enables every customer to live a virtual experience into the core of our product’s DNA.
A tour in the Saviola Universe, where you find a complete emotional variety of decors and the textures’ sensitivity exposed on a tour to be taken.

What to know before entering the Saviolab


How does it work?

“Floor arrows”: icons which enable movements towards the different destinations inside the showroom

CLICK on each product, a window will be opening with each decor.

INFO in each computer, download contents related to the area in object.

Visualization mode

Saviolab device

VR Headset: augmented reality. (which must be configured according to the device).

An experience to be lived

Try it!