Luxurious style bath

The style “Luxury” comes from the composition of concepts of glamour with the presence of synthesis and minimalism.
A perfect fusion, balanced for the spaces that have been left out of our eyes for years, to be incorporated in environments of relax and emotional harmony. “Bathroom spaces” are one of those scenarios that participate to this style of “luxury “.

Bathrooms have become challenges for architects and designers.

Accompanied by concepts of total balance and harmony in the use of materials and in synthesis.

The edge of the melamine chipboard, as part of a basic material for the design of the furnishing, has the advantage of adapting to corners and to the most unusual spaces.

Intelligent solutions for an equipment that follows the simplicity and leaves exposed the design, colours, the shades and textures.

The horizontality is very sought after in this style, the straightness marking and the optimization elements that help to clean the space.

The bathroom furniture is developed on various decorative designs, conditioned by the tastes and the choice of the user. Always taking into account the environment, whenever possible. The architecture is decisive in the complete design of the bathroom and its furnishing.



The material versatility of the melamine chipboard has the advantage of being able to accompany other materials such as glass, solid wood, iron and mirrors to define the space.
The texture is determined according to the context, which also determines the illumination you want to achieve. Luxury is not only determined by brilliance, there are opaque and rustic spaces that create a harmonious style of class and elegance.



TIP: It simply uses a criterion in materials, shades and textures, create your own luxury style!