09 enero 2024


Strippedwood has earned the German Design Award 2024. Tribute to the reed effect used by the masters of modernism protagonist in the design scene until the 70s.

This texture seems to reflect the harmony of contrasts that characterised those years: the irregular and continuous succession of streaks creates a game of visual and tactile alternations that transmit dynamism to the environment and, at the same time, they establish a solid balance.

The surface opens to three-dimensionality to the luminous vibration adding a sophisticated and never banal touch that goes well with marbles and solid colours.

Suitable for wall cladding and boiserie but also for frontal panels of furniture placed in the living and sleeping area or wall coverings of counters of public spaces.

Strippedwood is available in colours:

R74 Marrone Medio
R55 Nero
R48 Marrone medio chiaro
R77 Naturale Chiaro
R49 Marrone medio
R56 Marrone Scuro
R76 Miele