Alessandro Saviola

"Remaining faithful to our history means first of all guaranteeing a production that respects the environment"


Alessandro Saviola (Viadana, November 14, 1973) is an Italian entrepreneur and manager. He is the Chairman of Saviola Holding and 3rd Class Commander of the Italian Republic.


Firstborn of Mauro Saviola, entrepreneur of the international leader group of the same name, and of Lea Grazzi, in January 2009 Alessandro Saviola takes over the company that was founded by his father in 1963.

He immediately felt the need to become part of the family business and, after careful work within the industrial group's production sites he supported his father Mauro in defining and implementing the strategies of the Group.

Despite his dedication to project Saviola holding into international markets, he never forgot his roots that led him to perform important positions within the local community.

Alessandro Saviola was Vice-Chairman of Confindustria Mantua for the energy sector and he devoted himself to many cultural and philanthropic activities within the territory. He is a member of the Rotary Club of Viadana.

In 2011, at just 38 years old, he was appointed 3rd Class Commander of the Italian Republic.


From 2009 to date, Alessandro Saviola has made the company competitive through a process of development, restructuring and internal reorganization that has allowed the corporation to make a new leap in terms of quality in several years, to conquer new markets and to permanently place itself in the landscape of the great global multinational corporations.

Following a path of transformation able to optimize production and the organization that made the company more stable and competitive in order to meet market needs, Saviola Holding plays a leading part in the Green economy and is undoubtedly one of the most consolidated companies in the European and international context in the field of circular economy and sustainability.

Alessandro Saviola became the spokesman of the most important requirements of the wood and furniture sector, creating a strong awareness in what concerns the other main entrepreneurial companies of the sector, a tenacious awareness-raising action regarding the importance of allocating post-consumer wood to the production of furniture or furniture elements, in order to protect the production signed Made in Italy.