The heart of the Saviola Group beats for the Environment, through eco-sustainability and the ethics of recycling. The Group - known for the claim: “Help us save the trees - it is the most important wood scrap processor in the world, with a recycling capacity of more than 1.2 million tons of post-consumer wood per year.

The concept that has always distinguished the Group’s activity is the recovery and recycling of a secondary raw material that can be revived in the form of new products and be reused, without the need to cut down new trees, with an economically, environment-friendly and socially sustainable process logic.

PROCESS: Collection-cleaning-transformation and regeneration represent a new life for the wood resource.

Types of wood that are collected: cases, crates, pallets, cable reels, scraps of the first virgin wood and agglomerated panels, broken furniture, building materials for construction and demolition, fixtures, and in general non-contaminated wood waste.


A widespread collection and disposal service for "home" waste wood, throughout the national territory.An ecological and economic choice, important for the protection of the environment and for the quality of life.


Every year, about 6 million tons of wood is burned or ends up in landfills. Considering that wood was initially used only once and then left in landfills or burned, and that the ever-growing needs of the individual...


Saviola panel, 100\% recycled product. From the collection of waste wood, to recycling, and transformation into a new and functional product.