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  The story begins


  • First chipboard panel: The first chipboard panel of Sadepan, a company founded by Mauro Saviola together with his brother and cousin, is created in a modest warehouse of Viadana (MN), in the heart of Val Padana.
  • The project to devote himself to the production of panels made from scrap wood took shape in Mauro's mind during a trip to Germany.
  • After seeing a panel production plant based on shredded and subsequently pressed tree branches, Mauro Saviola thought about the multitude of branches and logs gathered along the banks of the Po River.

The beginning

  • Mauro Saviola Group is founded: Energy is passion and instinct, perseverance and Ecotechnological intuition.


Integration and synergy


  •  Integrated industrial company: in research and development of cutting-edge technologies and solutions.


The "New Originals"


  • Stones, Marble, fabrics, but above all wood. The panel is covered in multiple aesthetic possibilities that increasingly tend to offer real alternatives to the use of existing materials. They are the "New Originals".


The ecological panel


  • The cleaning plants of the waste wood: (recycled through collection at wood processing plants and separate waste collection) they replace the logs grinding lines in each factory, which are then definitively dismantled.
  • The regeneration of the raw material avoids the felling of trees.
  • Saviola Group will exclusively exploit the wood used to produce the Ecological Panel, 100\% post-consumer wood panel.
  • We are at the arrival point of the efforts and growth of the Group and, at the same time, at the starting point of a new journey, where the Economy totally submits to Technology, which, in turn, serves Ecology.


The journey continues, with a new direction


  • For years, the consolidated turnover has placed the Group among the top 300 significant Italian industrial companies, and among the first in the world in the field of Green economy and Circular Economy.
  • A process of strong transformation began with the passing of the baton to Alessandro Saviola - who succeeded his father in 2009 - culminating at the beginning of 2012 with the creation of Saviola Holding.
  • New organizational model: Almost 60 years after the beginning of the journey, the new leadership is relaunching a new transparent, optimized and efficient organizational model, with a glance towards the future in order to overcome the challenges of today and above all of tomorrow.