A widespread collection and disposal service for "home" waste wood, throughout the national territory.
An ecological and economic choice, important for the protection of the environment and for the quality of life.

Why collect them?

  • Wood waste: although natural, wood waste also pollutes;
  • The landfills are saturated:
    • Wood scrap has bulky volumes
    • Spaces in the recycling area are not unlimited
    • Each cubic meter of wood occupies the space of other types of waste that cannot be used in a different way.


  • Wood becomes methane:
    • Wood undergoes a methanization process in an anaerobic environment (without oxygen) such as the landfill.
    • If the gas is not extracted and used, it is inevitably released in the air - methane is a greenhouse gas twenty times heavier than carbon dioxide.

Collection service

  • A system able to promptly meet the needs associated with the disposal of used wood, which relieves the Municipality, the municipal company, commercial and production activities of organizational obligations and certifies the procedures.


How does the service work?

Home disposal
  • Material collection at the company by means of material handlers;
  • Installation of various cubic capacity containers at the company with periodic collection

Collaboration with municipal companies
  • Autonomous mode: the small merchant or the common citizen find in their urban center the recycling area where they can bring the crate, the broken chair etc ...
  • The Group's logistics service passes and takes charge of the material.
    • Otherwise, the Group supports the municipal company and provides the collection service directly on its behalf: it collects the material from the small carpenter, to the general markets, up to the recycling area.


Type of material collected

  • Pallets
  • Fruit crates
  • Packing boxes
  • Beams resulting from demolition
  • Construction site boards
  • Sawmill waste
  • Chipboard panel
  • Old furniture
  • Electric cord reels
  • Pruning waste
Service advantages

  • Significant reduction in disposal costs
  • Fully structured service, total guarantee for regulated environmental responsibilities
  • Certification that relieves any legal responsibility for recycling


Ecolegno Collection Centers

  • A network of platforms located near major urban centers
  • Equipped with material handlers and containers located at the recycling area or at the company.


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