Saviola panel, 100% recycled product

From the collection of waste wood, to recycling, and transformation into a new and functional product, everything is integrated into a repeatable cycle that preserves the environment and its resources and offers the company, the Municipality and the consumer the extraordinary opportunity to actively protect the nature.

Ecological Panel Consortium

A company created to meet the growing need to respect the environment and become the representative of the importance of reusing the resources, particularly wood recycling.



1. Municipalities
Every municipality involved in collecting wood receive a "Common awareness” certificate.

2. Schools
The elementary, middle and high schools of the municipalities involved in the separate collection of wood may require educational material.

3. Furniture manufacturers
The furniture manufacturers who have chosen to use the Ecological Panel to create their own furniture lines have a dedicated website (, a certification and free merchandising materials.

4. Community
The Consortium has set up a toll-free number to offer all the information on the Ecological Panel and the initiatives related to this brand.